Rescue, Recover and Stabilize

FLATCAP : Rescue

We can provide a unique support service for hospitality businesses facing restructuring or financial uncertainty and aid in getting the business back on the road to recovery. With our expertise within hospitality management we understand the requirements to ensure a stable recovery is achieved.

FLATCAP : Recovery

Getting the correct foundations in place, making sure that any recovery is for the long term not just a quick fix is critical for any future sale.

FLATCAP : Stability

Rhythm is key to any stability within business following rescue and recovery. The hospitality sector is no different. The dynamics of any well run restaurant, hotel or hospitality business is people and structure. Get the right people doing the right things at the right time. Control and reporting will create stability. We offer the following to ensure stability is at the core of our service.

FLATCAP: Consult In

  • Hotel, restaurant and hospitality management
  • Staff and management recruitment
  • Management payroll support
  • Marketing solutions
  • Purchasing
  • Food and beverage cost control
  • Training support
  • Reporting systems